Glue Sticks

Within the field of Glue Sticks, Bickers offers am extensive selection of forms, colours, thicknesses, lengths and qualities.On our website you get a little overview of the most common glue sticks and its applications.


  039-KF Ø11,3 mm Clear transparent hotmelt with a good adhesion to many materials as to wood, wood materials, paper, cardboards, fabrics, glass, ceramics and plastics such as melamin, PS, PVC, PMMA, PC and PU-foam.

  040-ivory Ø11,3 / 18 mm Used mainly for shortmelting, e.g. toys, tile-sample plates, small packings, wooden parts etc.

  041-H transparent Ø11,3 / 18 mm For glueing of perspex, acrylic, glass, lightfittings different plastics, carpets, alarm-units etc.

  041-K spezial clear Ø11,3 / 18 mm As 041-H, clear joints.

  042 brown Ø11,3 / 18 mm For glueing on the wood- and construction-sector, e.g. dark woods, border fastenings, repair of chipped off parts, natural woods, skirting boards, corner-blocks, leather, veneer, restoration, etc.

  043 sanitary white Ø11,3 / 18 mm Used in the sanitary and interior furnishing area e.g. sealing, tile-repair, curtain rails, plastic end-parts, bathroom fittings, Polystyrene, insulations, Melamin coated materials, PVC, etc.

  044 grey Ø11,3 / 18mm For electronics, to fix e.e. cable-clamps, under-plaster-cables and boxes, cable-channels, cable and wire fastening, alarm-units, insulation, casting parts e.g. plugs, different components, etc.

  045 black Ø11,3 / 18 mm Application i.a. In the car industry, e.g. car-body-works, cable fastening, sealing, insulation, ABS-parts, rubber, carpets, etc.

  046 amber Ø11,3 / 18 mm Powerful glue stick with high tensile and shearing strength.

  047 green Ø11,3 mm Decorative Sticks for hobby and art, on demand.

  048 yellow Ø11,3 mm Decorative Sticks for hobby and art, on demand.

  049 blue Ø11,3 mm Decorative Sticks for hobby and art, on demand.

  050 red Ø11,3 mm Decorative Sticks for hobby and art, on demand.

  052-B Ø11,3 / 18 mm Clearly transparent glue stick, especially suitable for PP, PVC, PMMA, ABS, PS, etc. Good adherance on metall, ceramics or textiles.

  053-A Ø11,3 / 18 mm Cristal clear hotmelt with a good flexibility at low temperature and shows a good bonding to paper, cardboards,wood and wood materials, textiles and leather, to metals, ceramics and plastics such as rigid PVC, Melamin, ABS, PS, PP, PVC and PMMA.

  054 orange Ø11,3 / 18 mm Special stick for skirting.

  061 polyamid Ø11,3 mm Stick with high thermal endurance up to +135°C.

  071 honey Ø11,3 mm Universal, very versatile glue. Very good shock and cold resistance.

Colour deviations from pictures shown above are possible.