Modern connection technology in all craft areas: With hotmelt by glueing expert Bickers. Our hotmelts have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials and can be supplied in various shapes, sizes and colours.

  • Hotmelt Sticks

    Hotmelt SticksWithin the field of Glue Sticks, Bickers offers am extensive selection of forms, colours, thicknesses, lengths and qualities.On our website you get a little overview of the most common glue sticks and its applications.
  • Granules

    GranulesUsed specifically for industrial mass production, granulates are ideal. Due to the fine grain quantities, the edge is easy and accurate dispensing. Independend of the form, comfortable filling of the melting unit without long melting time is the result. We listet the most common granulates of our product range enclosed.
  • Pressure Sensitive Hotmelt

    Pressure Sensitive HotmeltTill the time of bonding, during the bonding and in the application, Pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesives are non curing adhesives that do not change their chemical state. These hotmelt adhesives are based on a long to unlimited open time, ideal for extensive and time.consuming applications.
  • Special Hotmelt

    Special Hotmelt

    With our special Bickers adhesives you are ready to handle the most complex applications. According to our motto "Our experience - your advantage," we offer a wide range of products for almost any application.

    We especially recommend our hot-melt adhesive Bickers Exakt 187-LE