MS Polymer

  • Bickers MS Polymer is a high quality adhesive and sealant that is based on MS polymer and free of isocyanate and silicone. This product can be painted, is permanently flexible and applicable onto wet surfaces.

    Bickers MS Polymer is also UV-, weather-, water-, moisture-and chlorine-resistant.
    Due to its good adhesion to many substrates, in most cases without primers, it is used in the following application areas:

  • Bonding metals, wood and plastics with and among each other in container production, metal processing, apparatus, air conditioning, yacht / boat building, body- and vehicle construction.
  • Elastic sealing of joints and seams. In areas where silicone is not processed.
    (Silicone contamination in case of top-coating).


  • free of isocyanate and silicone.
  • top-coatable.
  • permanently elastic.
  • wet on wet application.
  • UV, weathering, salt water and chlorine resistant.
  • very good adhesion to many substrates.
  • fast curing.
  • available in white, black, gray and transparent.
  • temperature resistant from -40 to +100 ° C.
    (briefly up to 2-3 hours to +130 ° C - except (transparent).
  • working temperature: +5 to +40 ° C
  • can be used as an adhesive and for jointing.