With the chemically curing one-part adhesives, as with the multi component adhesives, chemical reactions between resin monomers and curing agents are responsible for the structure of the polymer.

But in contrast to the multi-component adhesives they react and harden without on other component like aktivator or curing agent. One-part adhesives harden via a chemical reaction with an external energy source, such as radiation, heat, and moisture.


Elcoleit 342 is a electrically conductive adhesive with excellent conductivity due to the high silver content. It is based on acryl and has outstanding environmental protection.

It forms a tough, mar-resistant flexible film with every good adhesion to ceramics, glass, rubber, plastics and plastic films.

MS Polymer

Bickers MS Polymer is a high quality adhesive and sealant that is based on MS polymer and free of isocyanate and silicone. This product can be painted, is permanently flexible and applicable onto wet surfaces.


Bickers Magnolit adhesives are cyanoacrylate adhesives, or better known as, superglue "or" super glue ". Their special composition and viscosity is geared to permanent bonding with most different materials.

Our Bickers Magnolit is available in various designs and sizes. The adhesive is supplied in convenient bottles with closing cap, so simple closure and multi-application is possible without the hassle of drying out.