Bickers Epoxy Minute Adhesive is a transparent and residual elasticity curing epoxy resin adhesive. The product provides material connections with high breaking stress and shearing resistance what makes it ideal for assembly, repair and production.

Bickers epoxy-minute adhesive is a fast-curing, two-component epoxy resin adhesive, which bonds and interconnects most materials, such as Metal, glass, stone, ceramics, wood and many plastics.

The processing is carried out the practical double syringe. Through this, resin and hardener are dispensed in the correct ratio 1:1. Close the double syringe after use with the special cap and store upright.


• viscous, self-leveling
• very short pot life (3-4 minutes)
fast curing
almost colourless, clear

Technical Data

Colour: transparent
Resin: transparent
Hardener: transparent
Viscosity: 7.000
Spez.Gewicht g/cm³: 1.14
Content: 24 ml
Mix ratio: 1:1
Pot life: 3 - 4 minutes
Temperature resistance: -35°C bis +80°C (nach 24 St. bei + 20°C)

Lap shear strength on steel DIN 53283 N / mm:

After 15 minutes: 1
After 1 hour: 10
After 3 days: 22
Storage stability +18°C to +25°C
In unopened condition: 18 month


Product information Safety-Datasheet