Industrial Glue

Industrial adhesives are an indispensable part of today's production processes. They are used everywhere where highest stability and efficient processing is required.

Our adhesives find their use in the industrial production of cars, books and magazines, computers and mobile phones, home appliances and furniture, packaging and even in textiles and much more.

Bickers offers an extensive product range of effective adhesives that are perfectly matched to the different application purposes.

  • Hotmelt

    SchmelzklebestoffeModern connection technology in industry, all craft areas and private household: With the adhesives from Bickers GmbH. Our differentadhesives have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials and can be supplied in various shapes, sizes and colours.

  • Cold Glue

    KaltklebestoffeIn addition to our hotmelt adhesives, Bickers also offers a wide range of cold adhesives for various applications in the fields of industry, craft, packaging and household

  • Cleaning Agents and Solvents

    Klebstoffentferner und ReinigungsmittelTo complement our range of adhesives, we offer cleaning agents and solvents. Adhesive residue on machinery, carpets, plastic, or on your hands can be removed easily and gently with our recommended products.

  • Adhesive Tapes

    KlebebänderBickers adhesive tapes ensure highest quality for universal fields of application for industry, packaging, craft and household.
  • Modern production facilities with advanced coating- and processing technology enable to produce best quality products at competitive prices.