The Bickers BMP 120M Stair Mat Press is a manual construction, combining a press and a hot melt adhesive system that is optimally tailored to the individual working time. By a glue gun the adhesive is applied onto angle-sections that are manually pressed onto the stair mats.

Bickers Stair Mat Press BMP 120M is used together with our hot melt glue gun K1-A or K1-LCD.
The combination of both machines allows the rapid and cost-effective production of low-odour stair mats in all standard widths of about 200-720 mm with angle-sections up to 30 x 55 mm.

Despite a robust design, we made a point in easy operation and fatigue-free working. The pressing of the angle-sections with the carpet is done manually via toggle to enable an adjustable pressure up to 1000 kg.

Depending on the nature of the carpet backing, the adhesive can be made ​​in three types : simple, for smooth / flexible back, eg foam, double for double backing and rigid materials; simply with additional end bonding for superior strength.

Technical Data

Pressure bar: 730 mm length
Applied pressure: max. 1000 kg
Rail length: 720 mm max.
Application length: 200 – 720 mm
Application types:
  • simple
  • double
  • double plus end-boning
Cycle time: dependent on the operator.
Glue consumption: about 7 – 10 g each angle with a simple application
Datenblatt BM 120M