Adhesive Tape Dispenser

Adhesive tapes and films based on tissue can be cut with a millimeter accuracy. The length is programmable in mm steps. The unit is equipped with a photoelectric cut-off device, digital display and buffer length for storage permit optimum handling.

This product is available in various variants with different pulley carriers, with electric subtraction for tapes with high adhesive strength and 3 programmable lengths. Additional pulley carriers and a centerning device expand the suitability of narrow bands from 4mm. With this low 230-volt outlet the unit is applicable in offices, production, shipping aso.

Technical Data

Bickers Bandspendegerät 1 length
Length adjustment keyboard
Tape wight min./ max. 8 mm/ 50 mm
Tape length min./ max. 5 mm/ 999 mm
Max. diameter 300 mm
Depth 215 mm
Wigth 115 mm
Height 140 mm
Weight 2,8 kg