GLUEJET® and application systems

Strong bonds require professional solutions - the adhesive should be applied evenly and quickly to ensure maximum stability.

Therefore we offer our hot melt systems in various designs for almost all applications. Wheter it  is our fully automatic XY GLUEJET® -tables, sheet laminating machines from Lamina System, manual or automatic Durablue glue application systems we can offer a wide range of products to your needs.

  • GLUEJET®-Tables

    Unbenannt.jpgvGLUEJET® - Glueing-Tables of Bickers-JMP are the solution for your glueing problems. All this is made possible by the new-style XY adhesive tables. These are multi-axis servo-controlled adhesive automats for almost all types of industry, from packaging to vehicle manufacture. Molten adhesives and cold glues can be applied in a single operation to small or large surfaces using up to 4 different application methods.


  • TAPEJET®-Tables

    TATAPEJET freiPEJET® - Glueing-Tables of Bickers-JMP means enormous work simplification! Bickers-JMP TAPEJETs are multi-axis servo-controlled taping automats for almost all types of industry, from packaging to vehicle manufacture In automatic mode they work mainly self-sufficient, so that just one operator is able to control multiple machines simultaneously
  • Lamina System

    Lamina SystemAs official agent for Lamina Systems for the german market, we are proud to introduce you to the world`s leading supplier of the sheet to sheet laminating and mounting machines.
  • Melting Systems

    TankanlagenBickers Hot Melt Units can be equipped for line, as well as for spray applications. They are versatile, portable and easy to handle, making them ideal for assembly and packaging applications. The unit has been designed for universal processes with different adhesives like granules, sticks, cushions and cubes.
  • Stair Mat Presses

    Stufenmattenpresse MBickers Stair Mat Presses allow the solvent-free bonding and grouting of stair mats and angle sections. Stair mats can be processed in all popular widths from 200 - 720 mm with angle sections up to a dimension of 30 x 55 mm. In the development and design stages of our stair matt presses, special emphasis was placed on robustness and ease of use.
  • Dispensing Equipment

    Klebstoff-Dosier und Spendegeräte

    Bickers adhesive metering and dispensing equipment is extremely precise. Finest doses in the micro range and precision handling is no longer a problem. Our micro dosing unit offers a wide range of dispensing needles and syringes, adapted to the most demanding requirements. Our electronically controlled self adhesive tape dispenser operates fast and effectively for accurate application of full length and intermittent sections of tape.