Additional to our mechanical- and pneumatic glue guns we offer special nozzles. Different types with different diameters and forms contribute that even fiddly precision work is no longer a problem. From line-, to point-, film-, spray- and even swirl- application, Bickers special nozzles offer a variety of options.

Nozzle designation VE + Super:

Düsen für Klebepistolen Serie VE und Super 306
Nr. 1 Standard nozzle - long
Nr. 2 Nozzle with double output
Nr. 3 Ornament nozzle; 1,0 mm bore
Nr. 4 Ornament nozzle - long; 1,0 mm bore
Nr. 5 Grouting nozzle - long
Nr. 6 Grouting nozzle
Nr. 7 Extension nozzle - flat
Nr. 8 Skimming nozzle - angular
Nr. 9 Hook nozzle

Datasheet VE + Super

Nozzle designation HMS:

Düsen für HMS Klebepistolen
Nr. 1 Spray nozzle standard
Nr. 2 Ornament nozzle
Nr. 3 Swirl nozzle standard
Nr. 4 Nozzle-cap
Nr. 5 Nozzle-cap; wide

Datasheet nozzle HMS

Nozzle designation K1-A:

Düsen für K1 Klebepistole
Nr. 1 Standard nozzle M14 versatile
Nr. 2 Standard nozzle M14 fix
Nr. 3 Grouting nozzle standard
Nr. 4 Grouting nozzle short
Nr. 5 Grouting nozzle long

Datasheet K1